JA-Surrogate Consult Germany GmbH is a solar EPC and Integrated Circuits (IC) independent distributor.


Rooted in technology, Surrogate Consult has established itself dating back many years in the provision of quality services in these two fields.


RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS: As an Engineering Procurement and Construction consultant(EPC) for solar systems and components, Surrogate Consult has establish itself as a reliable provider of Off-grid, On-grid and Hybrid solar PV systems as well as solar thermal for water heating. As a distributor, we also supply quality and cost-effective solar components such as panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries and other assesories to customers worldwide.


INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (also known as Semiconductors): We provide, in partnership with one of the biggest independent active components stockist in Germany and a leading franchised distributor,original and competitive active integrated circuits (IC) such as Flash memories, SRAM, DRAM, MCU, ASICs and other memory ICs.



trade mark. Simply talk to us, we are at your service, like a SURROGATE mother,
treating our clients in an atmosphere of absolute trust, dedication and care. That is what we stand for.




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